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Warranty insurance for private and Dealer car sales. in Spain.


      A Car Warranty Insurance in Spain for private car sales  and car dealerships.

Used car warranty insurance for car dealers in Spain     

Car Dealer Warranty Insurance in Spain. have the privilege of being able to provide an exclusive car warranty insurance for car dealers operating from Spain. This allows the Car dealerships in Spain to provide a comprehensive insurance policy to cover any warranty issues with the sale of the vehicle. 

Car dealers in Spain, that are fully registered and operating as legal car traders or exclusive dealerships that handle second hand cars can now buy an insurance policy that will cover the vehicle warranty. 

This Car warranty insurance in Spain will provide the car dealer with insurance to cover any issues (as per contracted requirements of the said policy) that may develop (under the specified period

Insurance for Car Dealers in Spain.

As a registered car dealer in Spain, whether that be new or used cars in Spain, you will want to provide the best after sales service to your clients. By providing them with a secure and trustworthy Insurance policy from you can rest assured that your business will not be impacted by large bills for vehicle repairs in Spain if they break down. Major engine repairs can be very expensive and therefore having an individual or block insurance warranty for your sales vehicles in Spain can save you tens of thousands of Euros. This vehicle warranty insurance will give you peace of mind and let you concentrate on selling quality cars. 

Is there a guarantee period when buying a second hand car in Spain?

The Consumer Protection Law in Spain advises that buying a second hand car in Spain from a dealer or a showroom for a specific brand or make of vehicle, you should normally be offered a minimum term of a 1 year warranty.

If you buy a car privately, you are not protected by the Consumer Protection Law, but by the Codigo Civil. Basically, this means that the vehicle being sold must be the seller’s legal property and that it is the mandate of the seller to take care of any hidden defects at the time of sale. 

The seller will be obliged to pay for and/or repair any hidden defects that prevent the vehicle being used or operated as it should. The seller would not be responsible for obvious issues with the vehicle that may have been pointed out as part of the sale. 

The guarantee/warranty period for private sales is 6 months, according to the OCU (Spanish consumer organisation) However, we believe this can be modified at the point of sale by requesting either a sales contract with a written or verbal warranty/guarantee, or one which specifies that the buyer is willing to buy the vehicle as seen. Often the private sellers do not want to offer this warranty/guarantee, as they do not want to be responsible for any defects that the vehicle may encounter over the next 6 months. 

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