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Accident & Injury-Private & Public - insurance in Spain in English.


get a quote for the best selling personal accident and injury insurance in 2021, buy online at PERSONAL ACCIDENT & INJURY INSURANCE FOR EXPATS IN ENGLISH 

A new Personal Accident & Injury Insurance.

A personal accident and injury insurance policy that covers you for personal accident and injury if you driving a car, scooter, or bicycle. With the ever-increasing number of fatal bicycle accidents on Spanish roads and the large amount of publicity it has generated, this policy is ideal for cyclists, horse riders, scooter users and pedestrians alike. 

For only 69.50€ a year, is offering to cover you in the event of an accident as the driver or a passenger in a car, scooter, motorbike, bicycle and motorised vehicles for up to 100,000€ and for 90.99€ a year you can increase this to 150,000€ of cover.

Personal accident and injury insurance quotes in Spain

Personal accident and injury insurance cover includes:-

1.    Cover if you are a passenger or driver of a vehicle.

2.    Worldwide cover, even when you are on holiday.

3.    If you are a pedestrian and are hit by any kind of vehicle.

4.    Cover includes the use of any form of land, sea or air travel, including charter flights.

5.    Death by accident.

6.    Permanent and partial disability.

7.    Health care expenses caused by an accident.

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Personal accident & Injury insurance in Spain


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