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Insurance - Insurance agents and brokers serving the Expats on Gran Canarias - Las Palmas, Spain


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Las Palmas is on the island of Gran Canarias and is situated on the Northern tip and is considered part of Spain. Las Palmas, the capital city, is very popular with foreign tourists and many have made it their permanent home. It is only about 150 Kilometres away from Morocco.

Insurance Agents and Brokers on Las Palmas select their insurance products from insurance companies based on the mainland of Spain. As the Gran Canarias is part of the group of islands called the Balearic Islands, and is part of Spain, we can provide just about every form of insurance for you, online.

General Insurance quotes Gran Canarias, Spain.

There are a few general insurance Agencies and insurance Brokers in Las Palmas, but few can cover the scope of cover that we can. We do provide insurance cover for just about everything from Aviation Insurance to Wedding insurance.  

We use some of the top and most highly respected insurance companies in Spain and Europe, with most policies available in English. If the insurance policy is in another language, usually Spanish, we are happy to discuss the cover and ensure you are properly protected. 

Car and Vehicle insurance Gran Canarias.

Not many British registered vehicles go over to the Gran Canarias by ferry unless the owners intend to import them to the island. Ferry crossings can be expensive, a car with 2 people on board with a return ticket in April, which is not the most expensive months of the year to travel, is over 900 Euros

Vehicle importation charges can total more than 15% of the value of the vehicle. Add to that the I.V.A. (VAT) at 21% and the additional costs of MOT inspections, and Engineering certificates make it a false economy to import anything of value. 

As a permanent resident to the Gran Canarias, you can get exemptions for personal effects and belongings, including your vehicles, but can be a lengthy process and a lot of paperwork, so think ahead. 

We can offer insurance for any type of vehicle, either Spanish or British registered, from bicycles, scooters, electric vehicles, quads, motorcycles, motorhomes, caravans and trailers, SUV’s, vintage and classic cars, commercial vehicles and vans, horse boxes and the like. If it has two wheels or more and requires insurance to be legal, we can cover it for you. 

Health Insurance, Gran Canarias.

Health Insurance on Gran Canarias is as simple as obtaining a quote from us. If you are planning on getting residency in Las Palmas or anywhere on Gran Canarias, you are required to provide proof of private medical insurance if you do not have a work permit, or a contract to work on the island. 

Like most Health and Medical Insurances, the premiums will depend upon your age, your current health and any pre-existing conditions will be taken into account. 

If you need private medical or health insurance just for your residential permit, we do provide an affordable cover that is adequate and acceptable as proof of the required level of health insurance to get your residencia.

The European Health Insurance Card will cover you for emergency medical treatment on holiday, just remember the EHIC is not the same as Travel insurance and certain things might not be covered. 

Life insurance and Funeral plans, Gran Canarias.

Over the past decade expats have been pushed into panic mode to buy Funeral plans abroad. UK funeral plan sales companies, operating in Spain, are generally very expensive and there are many local Spanish alternatives at much lower prices. Consult us for prices and conditions. Basic cremation plans are also available but not through any of the British companies selling Funeral plans. 

Life insurance products in Spain can also incorporate or offer a quick drawdown on your life insurance to cover the funeral expenses. Life insurance is subject to your age and if you have any pre-existing health conditions. The earlier you start the cheaper it is. 

If you have a mortgage or loan from the bank, whether for the purchase of a car or property on Gran Canarias, you will be required to provide a life insurance policy. 

Our advice is NOT to take out a life insurance policy from your lender or the local Spanish banks. The life insurance policies they provide to cover their mortgages are just to protect their own interests and tend to be very expensive. Ask us for a comparative quote and it is illegal for the Banks to insist that you take their own insurance products.

House, buildings and contents insurance Gran Canarias.

All buildings and contents can be covered. With property insurance in high demand, premiums are keen. Be careful that you are not over or under insured as this will affect any claims you might make.

House insurance can cover all risks, accidental damage, third party liability, external buildings, dangerous dogs, jewellery and artwork, vandalism, fire, theft and such things as earthquakes and floods. 

In the event of a natural disaster such as earthquakes and floods, you will have to present your own claim, unless you are insured through us, to the Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros, in Spanish. 

Renters and Landlords insurance on Gran Canarias.

If you own a property that you rent out all year or just occasionally, we have the perfect insurance to protect your belongings and property. With a 24-hour, 365-day emergency call out service, even if you are not there, you can rest assured that any emergency, such as a burst pipe or flooding that needs tending to, will get done. 

Pet Insurance on Gran Canarias.

We won’t hesitate in offering you pet Insurance from Spain’s most respected pet insurance company. They offer insurance for any breed of any age with no premium penalties for pets joining later in life. 

Premiums are fixed for the lifetime of your pet and you have a free choice as to which vet you use. They have cover for Cats, Dogs, including Dangerous dogs and Horses.

Easy monthly payments are available, and their claims service is excellent. If your dog is over 20 KG in weight, it will be classified as a dangerous dog in Spain.

Marine and Boat Insurance Gran Canarias.

With the Gran Canarias being an island in the Atlantic and off the coast of west Africa, it is not surprising that it has a big commercial and private fishing industry. 

Thousands of private fishing charters, family and speed boats line the Marinas along the coastline with large and small glamorous yachts adorning the skyline, interspersed with jet skis and watercraft almost all year round. 

It is compulsory for all pleasure and commercial watercraft to have a minimum of third-party liability insurance. Marine and boat insurance is very affordable and if you are caught without it, or a valid boat licence, fines can be heavy, and your boat impounded. 

We can offer insurance for boats and yachts from any country as they do not have to be Spanish registered to be insured by us. 



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