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Insurance Lanzarote


Vovlcanic view of island of Lanzarote for Insurance



Insurance for Expats in Lanzarote Spain.

Lanzarote is one of the Canary Islands, to the very south of Spain, in the Atlantic Ocean and to the West of Africa. Lanzarote is well known for its Volcanic landscape and black beaches. Most of the island is covered in jagged volcanic lava and is quite a change from conventional tourist locations. There are a plethora of tourist hotels and all the usual tourist type things to do with beaches, sunshine, bars and boats. 

There are a number of centres for art, culture and tourism and most places are easily reached by bicycle or car or with a tour bus. It popular, its different, so book your activities before you go. In the winter months it can be cold and a bit breezy and there is always something to see or do.

It is unlikely to see many foreign cars in Lanzarote, particularly British Registered cars as they drive on the left hand side in Lanzarote. It’s a long trip down to Cadiz and then an expensive ferry trip over to this Island. Most people will fly over and spend their holiday hiring a car, rather than drive to the island. 

A guide to Expat insurance on the island of Lanzarote.

You may think that visiting one of the local Insurance Agents or Insurance Brokers on Lanzarote is the best way to get your insurance sorted out. Not so, because they may not be able to offer you such a wide selection of cover. Some island insurers may inflate the prices, thinking you have little option but to use their local services. 

Our online insurance services provide you with a lot of choice. Contact us for a call back and we will discuss whatever you need in the way of insurance on Lanzarote. Car, house, Health and medical insurance, life, pet, marine and all types of business, commercial and Liability insurances. We can provide whatever you need. 

Health Insurance cards - EHIC in LANZAROTE.

Your EHIC, the European Health Insurance Card IS valid in Lanzarote. Lanzarote forms part of the Canary Islands which are part of the Iberian Peninsula and comes under Spanish territory and Spanish laws.

Your EHIC only covers you for emergency medical attention and should not be confused with being the same or an alternative for Travel or health insurance. Check which hospitals and Doctors clinics accept the EHIC as not all work within the Spanish National Health System and you will have to pay for any private check-ups or medication.

Travel insurance Lanzarote.

It does make sense to have a good travel insurance policy. If you only travel once a year on your annual holidays it is more economical to have a single trip Travel Insurance that will just protect you for that particular holiday. If you plan on doing several trips during the year, then an annual policy to cover all your proposed holidays is better. Revise the insurance terms and conditions on ANY Travel insurance document and check that you are insured for what risks you might be taking.

If you are into Sports, we do have a comprehensive Sports Insurance that does cover a lot of the dangerous sports, such as water and snow skiing, scuba diving, abseiling and more. 

Home  and Landlords Insurance in Lanzarote.

A lot of Expats live in Lanzarote. Some just own property there to rent out either privately or on a commercial basis for the summer months, to earn extra income. The island is slightly exposed to some severe weather conditions, with it being in the Atlantic Ocean, and protecting your property assets with the right insurance for the area is advisable. Your property is your most valuable asset so ensure that you do have the proper Home insurance  or Landlords insurance for your property on Lanzarote.

Buildings and Contents insurance Lanzarote.

Insuring your buildings and contents with a Local Bank in Lanzarote is not wise. We have found that they are over expensive with poor cover. Banks have been insisting that you take out their buildings and contents insurance as part of your loan or mortgage, which is totally illegal. The Local Spanish Banks are only interested in protecting their assets and they don’t have the insurance specialists to make sure you have the right sort of cover. 

Your buildings and contents insurance can include dangerous dog cover, bicycles, all risks, jewellery and valuables, including works of art. Swimming pools and outbuildings, awnings, outdoor furniture, boundary walls and fences and things like jet skis or boat that you store at home. 

Pet Insurance Lanzarote.

Our Pet Insurance in English covers any Cat or Dog, including dangerous dogs, of any age or breed. Free choice of any Vet, fixed premiums for life, easy monthly payment terms and simple claims forms. No penalties to premiums for dogs joining later in life. Spain’s leading pet Healthcare provider offers online delivery. Extra cover for Europe if required and liability insurance.

Personal Accident and Injury insurance on Lanzarote.

With many walkers visiting the island, and with it being covered in harsh, sharp and jagged lava rocks, you might well be advised to have one of our affordable personal accident and injury policies which will cover you at home, work or play, for less than €70 a year.

Boat and Marine Insurance Lanzarote.

An island attracts many visitors, even during the winter months and many people enjoy the beaches, Marinas and the boating facilities provided on Lanzarote. Boat owner know only too well how expensive it can be to carry out repairs on their boats. Any accidental damage to the boat hull, and third-party liability to persons in the boat or on the water, from any marine craft is a legal requirement. Jet Skis, fishing and speed boats, family and tourist boats in any registration can be insured with us. Our marine insurance will also cover any trailering or towing of the craft and offer protection on the road as well. 

Insurance Services in Lanzarote – in English.

Whatever type of insurance you need, we are here to help you. We will discuss your needs and find the right insurance product for you in Lanzarote. Our Multilingual staff are professional, qualified people, with a passion for what we do. Our list of insurance services is extensive and if, for some reason, you don’t see it listed on our services page, then please Contact us, or request a Call Back.




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