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Ibiza has long been known for its charm as a party island, where the young and energetic seek out music and parties all year round. It is the island of the beautiful including people, beaches, night clubs and has an undeniable warm and seductive attraction for tourists from all over the world.

The nightlife centers are on two areas of the Island, Ibiza Town and Sant Antoni to the West of the island. 

Ibiza - UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Large parts of the island are protected by being registered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites and hence is protected from extensive further development and commercialisation.

Insurance on Ibiza – in English

If you are looking for Insurance on the Spanish Island of Ibiza, part of the Balearic Islands, we can help you. Our multilingual Staff can advise you on all Spanish insurance products and provide most of them to you in English. With Thousands of Expats that live, work, play or have retired to Ibiza, many of which make their permanent homes on the Island and holiday elsewhere during the summer tourist months, we have the insurance knowledge and the right products.  

Car Insurance Ibiza.

UK Registered Car Insurance on Ibiza is available and comes complete with an annual green card and breakdown recovery insurance. Breakdown recovery insurance is required by law in Spain and the Balearic islands as you are NOT allowed to tow a vehicle under any circumstances, with another vehicle. Unfortunately, the only practical way to get your car to Ibiza is by ferry. The nearest and most practical Ferry to Ibiza is from the port Denia, in the province of Alicante. 

Home & House Insurance Ibiza.

Houses on Ibiza range from small bedsits to huge mansions owned by the rich and famous. Many are available for rent during the summer months and our Landlords insurance will offer the ultimate protection for your property if you have decided to rent it out and raise additional capital. Loss of income and legal protection are included.

Health Insurance Ibiza.

Some Hospitals, health centers and doctors’ surgeries work for both the National Health System and Private Health Insurance companies. Facilities are good and as long as you have a valid EHIC, European Health Insurance Card or a good travel insurance, you should be fine as a traveller. 

If you don’t have private healthcare or a good travel insurance, you will have to pay for any medical attention you receive at any medical center or hospital. 

As a resident you will need some form of Health Insurance on Ibiza. Proof of Private Health Insurance is now required to get your permanent residence card if you are planning to live on Ibiza. Health Insurance companies have come up with a specific low cost, but with limited cover, health insurance for Expats on Ibiza, to enable you to qualify for your residencia, and can be used as proof of adequate Health Insurance. 

If you are working on Ibiza, even on a temporary contract, this will give you access to the Spanish National Health System. 

Dental Insurance on Ibiza.

Private Health and Medical Insurance on Ibiza does not cover any dental work you might need. Dental Insurance is not covered under the conventional Health Insurance policies unless you pay extra to add it on. Travel insurance might cover you for emergency dental treatment to treat a toothache or broken tooth, but anything more and you will end up having to pay privately for dental treatment.

Pet Insurance Ibiza.

We offer the best pet insurance available in Europe provided by Spain's leading pet insurance company. They offer cover for any breed of dog or cat of any age with no premium penalties for older pets to join. Fixed premiums for life once you have joined and very quick payments for claims made. You can pay by monthly instalements and your premiums are then fixed for life -no price increases, even if you make claims. They are the only Pet Insurance  provider that offer cover for pets over the age of 8. All Pet Insurance policies are in English, Spanish or German and delivered online. Horses Insurance on Ibiza can include veternary bills with cover for collick.  

Marine and Boat Insurance – Ibiza.

Surrounded by water, hot weather and calm conditions, it is no wonder that Ibiza is a paradise for beach lovers and boating and yachting enthusiasts. Superyachts, cruise liners, sailing boats, divers, fisherman and hawkers all adorn the Marinas and quaysides on Ibiza. The beach is never far away.

With commercialism on such a grand scale, Ibiza has thousands of boats vying the waterways, plying their trade for tourism, and tourists flock to the water. 

If you have a boat in Ibiza, it is a legal requirement that the vessel has a minimum third-party liability insurance to protect against any damage done to a third party. Boat Insurance for Ibiza and to cover most of the Mediterranean Sea is very affordable, with premiums lower than 100€ a year for a conventional 17ft Family boat. 

Towing and trailer insurance can be added to your car insurance (if you have a policy with us) free of charge if the Gross towing weight is less than 750 Kilograms. You don’t need to have a Spanish registered boat to insure it and Foreign registered boats are common in the area. As long as they are seaworthy and you have the correct boat licence to drive the boat, then you can get Insurance for your craft. 

Spanish Coastguard - Salvamento Maritimo -Ibiza.

The Spanish Coastguard is the body responsible for safety and rescue operations at sea and if you need to call them dial 112 or call the Coastguard direct on 902 202 202

Personal Accident and injury insurance.

Our Personal accident and injury insurance might be an advisable option if you don’t have a good travel insurance or have private medical insurance. It covers for all sorts of sports, including Scuba Diving and Snow skiing cover, and if you were to have an accident of any kind, some medical expenses are covered. An annual policy for less than 80€ and valid throughout Europe.

Ferries to Ibiza.

The route from Valencia is operated by two ferry companies. Depending on where you leave from, the Ferry from Denia to San Antoni on Ibiza takes about 2 hours with Balearia and they have about 3 sailings a day. 

There are sailings from all along the Eastern Coast and some crossings can take as long as 8.5 hours if you are coming from Barcelona to Ibiza. You can book your Ferry crossing in advance and take a car, have a cabin, or just book as a passenger with or without a seat. Food and beverages are available on board, and the crossing is usually calm during the summer months. 

If you are just going as a foot passenger for a few days, then Denia port is the fastest and quickest route by Ferry to Ibiza.




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