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Commercial Vehicle, V, Lorry & Bus insurance in Spain.


             commercial vehicle insurance in spain for business and private use


INSURANCE IN SPAIN FOR - Vans, transit vans, flatbeds, pickups, lorries, large 4 x 4’s

and all sorts of commercial and industrial vehicles can be insured in Spain. Small private vans used for business and commercial purposes in Spain such as the Ford Transit van can also be insured on British or UK plated vehicles.

Van insurance in Spain

is rather limited and very few insurance agents and Brokers in Spain will even offer you a quote. At we are happy to offer you a quotation for any commercial van, car, trailer, lorry or transporter for whatever purpose, without any obligation.

Lorry, flatbeds, & car transporter insurance in Spain.

Commercial vehicles in Spain that have add-ons, such as Hiab cranes, tipping bodies and lifting ramps will require a special insurance.

Most commercial and van insurance policies are only available in Spanish which is why it is important to contact us for a quote as we will advise you as to the correct cover for your business and commercial vehicle that you are using and for the purpose it is intended.

van insurance in Spain commercial private and business

Third Party liability insurance in Spain.

Cover is vital if you are carrying any type of load. This will cover you for any damages to any other party in the event that the load becomes insecure and falls of is responsible for any damages to other people’s property.

Many residents have and use vans in Spain as their own main private vehicle, often bringing them from the UK. They are notoriously difficult to import if they are anything more than a small van, such as the Ford Torneo Connect or Renault Kangoo.

Private and personal use Van insurance is very similar to your car insurance and if you have a trailer hitch, the towing of trailers up to 750 Kg rating are automatically included.

European cover is normally as standard, so you won´t have any issues with driving back to the UK with you Van Insurance from

Van insurance for young drivers in Spain is possible, with under 25’s as named drivers on the policy.

Third Party van insurance in Spain

is the minimum legal cover available and it must include breakdown & Recovery insurance. In the event that your commercial or private van breaks down, you will not be permitted to tow it away with another vehicle. This is totally illegal and if you are caught doing so, even for short distances, you may receive a heavy fine.

Third party Van Insurance in Spain

will only cover damage that you cause to another vehicle or property of other persons involved. Any medical injuries or damage to you or your own vehicles and passengers will not likely be covered if the accident is your fault.

cheap van insurance in spain business private and commercial vehicles

Commercial Vehicle and Van Insurance

For contents within your Van or commercial vehicle will not normally be covered for any loss, but third party liability will be covered as an essential part of your Van insurance in Spain.  If your van were to spill a load and cause damage to other property, vehicles or persons, then this would be covered under the third party liability insurance for your Van.

Goods in Transit insurance in Spain.

Many believe that their vehicles , lorries and vans that offer removal services, to and from or around Spain, do have goods in transit insurance. They may have, but the cover can be very restrictive, which is why you need to contact us directly to see if your existing Spanish insurance policy, does actually cover you for theft. In a case brought ot us recently, we discovered that another insurance agent in Spain had provided this insurance to a removal company that was working on the Costa Blanca for years. On a trip back from the UK, the vehicle was stolen overnight, whilst the driver slept in his hotel. The insurance company (Mapfre) refused to pay out the claim stating that the goods in transit insurance for theft, was only effective if the vehicle was stolen using violence. 

Other options available for Van insurance in Spain include:-

All normally include emergency breakdown and recovery with legal assistance.

Third Party only insurance.

Third party fire and theft insurance and/or windscreen cover.

Fully comprehensive Insurance.

Fully Comprehensive Van insurance

in Spain will cover you, your vehicle and any third party issues. With fire, theft and windscreen covered, legal aid and defence, medical etc.  Passenger liability and medical care and protection of goods from theft or damage are not always automatically included.  Get a quote from us and we will talk you through the whole process to ensure that you and your passengers have the proper protection.

Premiums can often be lowered, quite considerably, by increasing your first excess. This is the amount that you will pay towards any claim that you make.  It is advisable to check this when you are looking for, or enquiring, about Van insurance in Spain from any other Insurance Agent or Broker in Spain. In order to provide you with a cheap quote, they will often increase the first excess charge to reduce the premium. So be aware that you could end up paying the first 2,000€ of any claim if they have not advised you of that fact.

We are all here to help you make sure that your assets; security, passengers and vehicle are all protected properly. Whether you just want the legal minimum requirements for insurance to drive on the roads of Spain, we welcome any enquiry, without any obligation on your part to buy from us. Try us out.

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