Liberty Traffic Accidents insurance in Spain

Protection for your daily life. €50,000 of cover from €47.93 a year.


Who is this insurance aimed at?

Liberty Traffic Accidents insurance policy covers road-traffic acidents, whether you are a pedestrian, cyclist, driver or passenger, in a private or public vehicle or transportation. The cover offered by Liberty Insurance responds to the specific needs that may arise whilst engaging in such activities. When you feel protected against unforeseen accidents, you will feel more at ease. 

Basically, if you are out and about and a cyclist runs into you, you get knocked down by a car or bus, or suffer an injury as a result of being a passenger in or on a vehicle such as a motorcycle or car, including public transport, this cheap annual accident insurance policy will cover such things as accidental death, permanent disability, healthcare and cosmetic reconstruction.

Are there any age limits?

There is an age this policy and its one of the main advantages of this policy when you compare it to others. You can take out one of these policues up to the age of 67. 

What other benefits does it include?

Get an extra 10% discount on your new Life Insurance policy, a house policy or a motor insurance policy. so if you were to contract a house policy, a life insurance policy, the discount on those would virtually get you this policy for free. 

Can i pay in Instalements?

Yes, you can pay for this policy in two seperate 6 monthly instalements by direct debit. 

What is the cover?

  • Accidental death benefit upto €150,000
  • Permanent disability due to accident upto €150,000
  • Healthcare expenses due to an accident  - included.
  • Rescue costs due to an accident upto €6,000 * included under the guarantee for healthcareexpenses due to an accident. 
  • Cosmetic surgery expenses due to accident upto €6,000
  • Valid all over the world. 


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