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Insurance Specialists covering Almeria, Mojacar, Costa Del Sol, Spain - in English



Insurance for Uk or Spanish registered Cars, Home, Life, Pet, Health, Holiday home, Landlords, Renters & just about anything else you need to insure.


Insurance in Almeria, Costa Del Sol – In English.

Car, house, Holiday home, health, medical, life, pet, liability, personal accident and injury, landlords insurance and just about anything else you want to insure in Almeria, Mojacar, Costa Del Sol, or near you, we can supply you with a quote online. 

Policies are usually in English unless they are not the run of the mill policies such as liability insurance policies and those that are of a technical nature. We can and will offer specialist insurance advice for any clients in the Almeria Province, in English or most other European languages.

Car Insurance Mojacar, Almeria.

Our car insurance policies include the mandatory breakdown and recovery insurance that is valid for the whole of Europe, and we can cover all UK plated vehicles. Our Car insurance Specialists have the knowledge to provide you with everything from the minimum basic car insurance to fully Comprehensive Car insurance. Motorcycle and Classic car insurance, Commercial vehicle insurance and trailers can also be covered.

Life Insurance in Almeria – Costa Del Sol.

Life insurance is a necessity if you wish to leave your loved ones with extra finances or pay off your mortgage in the event of your death. Spanish Term Life Insurance in Spain is something you will need if you have a mortgage or loan from a local Bank. Life insurance for businesses in Spain is also available. 

House, Home & Holiday home insurance in Almeria Spain.

Whether you own a house, apartment, villa or country Estate, protecting one of your most valuable assets is more affordable than you might think. Our house insurance policies are in English and we can tailor them to suit your own needs. Dangerous dog liability insurance, Scooter and electric bike insurance, all risks and such insurances as personal accident and injury can be included in the standard or plus home insurance. 

Buildings and Contents insurance in Almeria Spain.

Insuring your Buildings and Contents in your property can include all risks and Jewellery cover, provided you have the necessary protections form your property. Insurers like Riejas,  the steel bars covering your windows, multi locks on doors and windows, Alarms that are connected directly to the local Police Station and drop locks on Patio Doors. The more protections you have the lower the House insurance premium is likely to be.

Landlords and Renters insurance in Almeria, Costa Del Sol.

Renting out your property in the Almeria Province is a great way to earn additional income from a second property. Insurance for rental property is specifically designed for this purpose. 

It covers vandalism, water loss, non-payment of bills and rent, evictions and so much more including liability that will cover accidents around the property, including the pool. Take the risks away and call us on 0034 965275727 for a detailed quote to protect your income. 

Health & Medical Insurance in Almeria – Costa Del Sol Area.

There are many Spanish companies offering Private Health Insurance to Expats living in the Almeria Region. Most are operated on a voucher system or a credit card type system. These allow you to get your consultations free at the Doctors of your choice. For more investigative medical conditions, or operations, you may need to refer back to the Health Insurance Company for approval. Some pre-existing Medical and Health conditions can be covered and is also dependent upon your age. 

Health & Medical Insurance for Residencias in Almeria – Costa Del Sol.

With new laws governing the requirements for residential permits in Spain, Private Health Insurance is now compulsory. If you are working in Spain, your contract is usually enough to secure your residencia in Spain. For others, you will need to prove that you have an adequate Health and Medical insurance to get one. 

Some Health insurance companies in Spain have now designed a specific, low cost annual health insurance policy to provide you with the legal requirements of cover. 

Pet Insurance in Almeria – Costa Del Sol - Spain.

Pet insurance for cats, dogs, horses and ponies, including rider cover, third party liability insurance for pets and Dangerous dog cover are available directly from our sister company All policies are in English and their team of Pet Insurance Specialists will provide you with one of Spain’s leading insurance products for pets in Europe. European and travel insurance cover for pets allows you to take your pet on holiday with you.

Affiliate and franchise opportunities for insurance Agents and Brokers in Almeria and the Costa del Sol Area. offer unique opportunities in the insurance industry in Spain, to those that are interested in setting up their own businesses or for those wanting to expand their insurance businesses in their local area. We have a number of Insurance related Domain Names for specific areas in Spain. is one such Domain. 

With our experience and widespread knowledge of the Spanish Insurance Marketplace for Expats, we are confident that we can provide you with a unique insight into the industry and increase your existing insurance Agency business in Almeria by at least 30% in the first year. 

If you are interested in just becoming and affiliate member, this too will bring great benefits. 

For any other information regarding any insurance needs in the Almeria Province please contact us.




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