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Insurance agents in Cartegena, Murcia Spain for Expats in English


insurance Cartagena Spain in English for Expats


Insurance in Murcia, Cartagena, Spain. 

If you are looking for Insurance in Murcia in Spain, or looking to affiliate with, or set up an Insurance Agency business in Spain, then come and talk to us as we are one of the top Insurance Agency Networks in Spain. 

Insurance Networking in Spain.

Our network of Insurance Agents in Spain covers the whole of the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands for Expat Insurance, with our expansion into other areas and countries across Europe. This is a unique opportunity for you to establish your own Insurance Business, as an Agent, Broker or as an affiliate in Spain. 

Car Insurance in Cartagena.

Insuring your Spanish car and/or a British Registered car in Cartegena or anywhere in Spain, is simple. Call us on 0034 965275727 and talk to our car insurance specialists in Spain. Our multilingual staff will get you the right car insurance cover. From third Party liability basic car insurance right through to the Fully Comprehensive cover. Glass cover, windscreen, fire, theft, and total loss, replacement hire car, are all available. 

Breakdown Recovery Vehicle insurance in Cartagena.

Car breakdown and recovery insurance in compulsory in Spain. You are not permitted to tow a vehicle on your own and you could be in for some big fines if you get caught. All our car insurance policies include this breakdown recovery insurance, which can be used anywhere in Europe and includes the annual green card, even for British registered vehicles. 

House Insurance in Cartagena.

House insurance for a property in Cartegena will provide protection against most things including, flooding, acts of God, Landslides and slippage, burst pipes, excessive water use due to a leak, and much more. All our house insurances come with a 24 hour 365 days a year call out emergency service, even if you are not there. 

Buildings and contents insurance Cartagena, Spain. 

It is always wise to make sure that you don't over insure or under insure the contents of your home. We recommend that you go through each room, take photographs if possible, and then add up what you think it will cost to replace the entire contents of your house. You will be surprised at how high this value can be. In some cases you may need to include the Bathroom and Kitchen as contents insurance as some insurance companies classify these items as contents as they can be changed or replaced once in a while. 

Holiday Home insurance in Cartagena.

Holiday home insurance offers the 24 hour 365 days a year emergency call out service. This is ideal if you are not in the house very often as it can be used to make emergency repairs even if you are not there. A big plus with this insurance policy. If you use your property as a rental, the liability and civil defence part of this insurance will protect you from being sued in the event of any personal accidents or injuries caused to your tenants. 

Rental Insurance or landlords insurance Cartagena. 

Renting your holiday home or having property in Spain that you can rent out and get additional income is always a great idea and many people are opting to rent their properties through various rental agencies in Spain. Having the right Landlords Insurance or renters insurance in Spain can save your bacon if something serious were to happen. Our landlords insurance protects you against any civil or liability issues and you have the 24 hour 365 days a year emergency call out service, even if you are not there to tend to the emergency. 

Health Insurance in Cartagena, Murcia, Spain. 

Health insurance in Spain for Expats is something that you will need to get your Residencia in Cartegena. The Spanish NHS is excellent but it can take time as their waiting lists are growing. Private health insurance for individuals or families have now been segregated into two categories. A cheaper Health insurance product to qualify for Residencia in Spain and the full, private health insurance that will cover most of your health insurance needs in Spain. Some companies will accept pre-exisiting conditions on Health Insurance and everything is dependent on your age and medical history. 

Life Insurance in Cartagena.

Life insurance can be used to provide a lump sum for your Spouse or Family once you have passed away. Some of the life insurance policies in Spain will also provide an immediate cash lump sum upon death to cover your Funeral expenses in Spain. Be aware that life insurances, if not assigned in the correct way, can be classified as part of your inheritance tax, so it is advisable to talk to us and make sure you get it right. Don't buy a life insurance form the Spanish banks as they are expensive and the premiums for life insurance will go up each year. 

Pet Insurance in Cartagena Spain.

Insuring your Cat or Dog, and or your Dangerous dog, if it is on the Spanish list of dangerous dogs, must be insured with a minimum third party liability insurance. Each Autonomous Region in Spain has a different minimum value. Find out what the minimum Liability Insurance for Dangerous dogs in Spain by region is. We supply the best pet insurance in Spain with the highest claim level possible. You get fixed premiums for life so that your premiums never go up. You can use any vet of your choice, and we accept any breed or age of cats or Dogs in Spain. European cover is a available as an option so that your pet is covered even if you go on holiday. 

Marine and Boating insurance Cartagena. 

Cartegena is a major Sea Port in Spain so you can expect a lot of sailing and motor boats as well as cruise ships to be in the area. We can insure any boat, yacht, dinghy, or water craft, regardless of its size or value, even if it is foreign or British SSR registered. Hull insurance, personal accident and injury, towing, water ski insurance and accessories, can be insured in Spain. 




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