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Insurance Opportunities for Agents and Brokers in Spain



INSURANCE IN SPAIN MADE EASY. owns the following insurance domain names that are available (upon special request) to be used for new or existing insurance Agents or Insurance Brokerages that wish to Affiliate/Franchise in some way with us, all over Spain.

As you will see, if you research our exisiting domain name, we are highly ranked on search engines due to our continuous SEO (site engine optimisation) work. We all know that having the right website name and SEO will drive traffic to your domnain and make your Insurance business more succesful.

A selection of some of the Insurance in Spain domain names that are available. 


Insurance partners for Insurance in Spain. have a network of insurance agents that partner with us. This provides a great opportunity for our network to provide just about any type of insurance that Expats may need in Spain for work, businesses, corporations and so much more.

Opportunities for insurance in Spain.

Starting your own business as a tied or independent insurance agent or broker in Spain in the insurance industry  is no easy task and can take up to 5 years to get established and in a strong enough position to stay solvent. Many people try this from home, networking, selling to their friends and family and competing with the many online portals and insurance offerings on the internet, Facebook and other social media networks. 

Start up businesses in Insurance in Spain.

If you have an abundance of capital, can build your own website and do the necessary Site Engine Optimisation to get you ranked anywhere on google, find suitable premises, instal computers and telephone networks, understand and speak Spanish, get all the required permits and licences, know where to advertise, set goals and achieve them, be better than the competition, then you might stand a chance of getting somewhere in this business.

Insurance Agencies and Brokers in Spain.

I am sure you could all do with more insurance business coming your way. You may be a sole tied insurance Agency in Spain or you could be a Broker looking for more leads to improve your turnover. With more and more General insurance Agents and Insurance Brokers in Spain joining our network in Spain, you improve your commission rates as well. Less work, more returns. 




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