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Car Insurance Quotes in Spain.

WWW.CARINSURANCEINSPAIN.COMCar insurance in Spain for Expats, British & Spanish registered vehicles.


Get a car insurance quote for your British registered or Spanish registered car in Spain in minutes.

Finding the right insurance for your car, whether a British or Spanish registered vehicle, is more important than the price. Many people opt for the cheapest option, which is fine if you understand what you are and are NOT covered for. Our advise is to allways ask your Agent or Broker what you are not covered for when it comes to cheap car insurance in Spain. Why? Your car insurance has a legal minimum requirement and in Spain, it means that you have to have vehicle breakdown and recovery insurance as compulsory. 

Many insurance agents and brokers are desperate for your business and will cut cover to reduce the premiums. Be careful! They are unlikely to tell you what you are not covered for. One of the popular premium reduction cuts is to insure the driver only. This will reduce your premiums by up to 10%. Beware! This does mean that none of your passengers, and this could be your wife and kids, family and friends that are in your car, will not be covered for anything in the event of an accident, even if the accident is not your fault. 

Car insurance in Spain & Europe in English.

Get a car insurance quote now with and enjoy the benefits of this campaign by Liberty Seguros. *Offers subject to the limited period as specified in the offer! Liberty Seguros are offering periodic cash back offers on car insurance. (This offer applies to life insurance and house insurance so please contact us if you are due for renewal or are planning a new policy as we can save you money). 

Budget Car insurance in Spain will offer you a very competetive car insurance policy that has far better cover than most of their car insurance competitors and is suitable for expatriates that live in Spain permanently or temporarily, so you need not worry about the cover.

Having the right Car insurance in Spain is very important. Even if you are looking for low cost insurance, be aware of the policies that reduce or even remove certain car insurance cover to reduce the premium. You will only get what you pay for. Care should be taken and you should always read the ¨what is covered¨section of your car insurance. red our blog on cheap car insurance in Spain-the pitfalls.

The benefits of car insurance in Spain.

uk car insurance in spain expat car insurance in spain with breakdown recovery

Insuring your car in Spain with offers you total coverage to both driver and passengers in the event of an accident. We also provide roadside assistance from mile zero and take care of dealing with your fines. Now you can insure your car with one of the best insurance companies worldwide, with almost 100 years of experience that also offer services and products related to the protection of goods worldwide and with over 100,000 international clients in Spain.

  • Good drivers can earn a no-claims discount of up to 65%
  • Vehicle value considered "as new" for total loss, fire or theft claims during the first two years
  • Help with processing fines
  • Personal Accident Cover for the driver (compensation and monthly income)
  • Extended Travel Assistance Cover: (24 hours a day/365 days a year). The assistance telephone numbers are enclosed with the policy for Spain and abroad
  • Roadside assistance from kilometre zero
  • Free choice of vehicle repair garage
  • Damage caused to the interior upholstery of the insured vehicle, when the policyholder has helped a victim in an accident, for up to maximum of 300€

Basic cover for car insurance in Spain & Europe.

car insurance in spain UK british plates spanish

In this section you will find the basic covers that offers for expatriates with Liberty Seguros. A product designed specifically for Expatriates who live outside their country of origin in Spain. With this type of Car insurance policy you will get basic coverage on your car insurance so you don’t have to worry about anything.This basic coverage includes compulsory insurance of civil liability and third party insurance, plus other responsibilities. But there are additional covers that can complement your car insurance. Have a look at the information below and compare it to what other car insurance companies offer. You will see that no other insurance company offers more cover at the lowest price. If you are looking for an insurance policy that offers guarantees you have just found it. Your car will be legal and safe with Liberty Seguros.

We offer you the most comprehensive insurance:

  • Mandatory Third-Party Liability
  • Voluntary Third-Party Liability
  • Liability for the vehicle catching fire
  • Liability for trailers and/or caravans weighing up to 750kg
  • Third-Party Liability caused by the cargo
  • Legal Defence
  • Bail Bonds
  • Help with Personal Injury Claims
  • Help with Material Damage Claims
  • Legal Assistance for Traffic Administration and Road Safety Offences
  • Personal Accident Cover for Driver and Passengers: Death, permanent disability and healthcare 
  • Roadside Assistance

Don’t think twice, get in touch with us and get a quote for your vehicle insurance. You will realise that what we offer makes us different from our competitors. We provide you with wide coverage, trust and security to make your stay outside of your country of origin as pleasant as possible.

Optional covers for your car insurance in Spain offers the best optional covers for your car insurance. Complete your basic car insurance cover by customising your insurance policy according to your needs.

sports car insurance in spain for uk and english cars

Additions that compliment your car insurance in Spain include: coverage against damage caused by vandalism, glass breakage, theft or damage caused by traffic accidents. We also offer special conditions to acquire a replacement vehicle. With a variety of optional add ons to your car insurance polic, it allows us to satisfy all our customers.  

Leave your worries in our hands. As you can see, we have one of the broadest covers for car insurers in the Spanish market. We can insure your car for the minimal legal requirements and make sure your passengers are covered and that you are properly protected. Remember that with car insurance you get what you pay for and most car insurance providers will reduce or cut the cover or increase your first excess ( the amount you have to pay in the event of you causing an accident).

  • Fall or Overturning of the vehicle, Collision with other vehicles or with any other moving or stationary object
  • Malicious damage
  • Accidents caused by defective material or building defects
  • Damage to upholstery
  • Windscreen breakage
  • Hail damage
  • Damage to the insured vehicle caused by fire
  • Theft of the insured vehicle
  • Replacement vehicle
  • Personal accident to the driver (Compensation and Monthly Income)
  • Subsidy for temporary suspension of driving licence

Our product “Car Insurance in Spain for Expatriates” is one of the most competitive in the Spanish market. Compare prices and covers and you will confirm that no one offers more for less. Invest in peace of mind and get your car insurance from us.

Basic Car insurance in Spain Cover

  • Includes damage caused to third parties and the following covers:
  • Mandatory and voluntary liability.
  • Legal defence and damage claims.
  • Roadside assistance.
  • Legal assistance (Processing of Fines).
  • Personal accident.

Basic Car insurance in Spain Cover plus Fire and Windscreen

  • Includes the aforementioned covers, plus fire cover for the vehicle.

Basic Car insurance in Spain Cover plus Fire and Theft

  • Includes the aforementioned covers, plus vehicle theft cover.

Fully Comprehensive Car insurance in Spain with no Excess

  • Gives the full cover and services of the policy.

Fully Comprehensive Car insurance in Spain with an Excess

  • Gives the full cover and services of the policy.

cheap car insurance in spain quotes comparison uk plated spanishIf you have chosen this option, bear in mind that the value of the excess will be deducted from each claim for own damage and/or theft cover.

Depending on the deductible chosen, you will obtain a discount on the insurance price. The higher the deductible, the higher the discount.

Optional - additional car insurance cover in Spain:

Suspension of Driving licence.


Due to the fact that Liberty Seguros designed this Motor insurance policy with each individual driver in mind, a flexible product has been created, which can be perfectly adapted to your needs. It includes a careful combination of basic covers which can be complemented with a wide range of additional covers: 

Why pay more on your car insurance for expatriates in Spain. Contract your policy with and have the car insurance cover that is suitable for you. 

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