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FOR THOSE OCCASIONS WHEN YOU NEED THAT 24 HOUR 365 DAY EMERGENCY CALL OUTrental property insurance in spain for expats letting properties

Excellent cover for when you are not at home. can provide you with a host of insurance options for protecting your property and assets in Spain. We know that this is often difficult when you may be living in another country and renting your property in Spain. Rental agents my look after your property and provide tenants but we all know that not all tenants are the best or can be trusted to look after your rental property as well as you would if you were here.  Renting a property in Spain can be fraught with problems and our insurances can protect you from accidental damage, vandalism as well as the contents. Loss of earning and payment for time spent getting the repairs done could also be covered.

Advantages will provide you with an insurance policy that suits your needs for any property you have in Spain, whether that be a holiday home, apartment, villa, bungalow, static home, apartment or even a mobile home.

All policies cover home assistance, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with just a simple telephone call.

Plus all these benefits

Index-linked insured sums to ensure that the sums do not become outdated and that, in the event of a claim, you receive the adequate compensation payment.

cheap rental and letting insurance for properties in spain and europe

Option to pay by installments.

The three options include legal defence, claims for damages, an IT assistanc

e service, 24-hour assistance and a home improvement  service.

Your goods will be insured on a "value as new basis"

The Basic policy:

            Guarantee of security inside and outside your home.

            Fire, explosion, lightning, water damage, damage caused by acts of vandalism or of ill intent.

            Floods, rain, hail, snow, broken windows, broken sanitary ware.

            Theft with violence and mugging inside the home.

            Miscellaneous expenses for salvage.

            Broad cover for public liability as the owner/tenant and head of the family, including public liability for fishing up to €300,500 

            Repair assistance service, 24 hours a day, all year and a DIY service.

            Family legal defence.

            IT assistance.

            Legal defence for internet commerce.

The Plus policy:

            Extension of cover for theft with violence, mugging and larceny.

            Breakage extension: Perspex furniture, glass and ceramic hobs and glass in electrical appliances.

            Aesthetic restoration of the building/contents. Garden reconstruction.

            Replanting trees/garden.

            Refrigerated goods.

            Garden furniture.

The Premium policy:

            Extension of cover for theft with violence, mugging and larceny.

            Breakage extension: Perspex furniture, glass-ceramic hobs, glass in electrical appliances and glass in solar panels.

            Aesthetic restoration of the building/contents.

            Garden reconstruction.

            Replanting trees/garden.

            Refrigerated goods.

            Excess water consumption.

            Complete building collapse.

           Accidental spills of liquid other than water.

                           rental property insurance in spain for holiday homes and contents insurance

As you can see from the covers available, these can be quite comprehensive for rental properties and this exceptional cover does not come at a high premium. Many Insurance Agents offer low premiums in a bid to attract your business. In doing so you may often be unaware of what is not covered within your policy. Please make comparisons between your Insurance protection products and identify what it is you must cover. At we are more than happy to discuss the variety of options available and we will always advise you on the most suitable cover for your rental property. 

We are a professional company and our aim is to provide you with a quality individual service. You are not just a number! Our service is free and without obligation and we are more than happy just to chat to you so that you do have the facts that you need to protect what is probably one of your most valuable assets. Let us help you. Call 0034 965 27 57 27, chat to us online or ask us to call you back from our website. 

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