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Hybrid and Electric Vehicle insurance in Spain in English



                           Hybrid Car Insurance in Spain

Is it more expensive to insure a hybrid car?

We are all being made more aware and conscious of the effect our motor vehicles, particularly petrol and diesel vehicles are having on our planet. Hybrid and Electric vehicles in Spain are not cheap and as they are a relatively new addition to most car manufacturers, a lot of money has been put into the development of these vehicles. hybrid car is one that combines two different elements to power it. These are mainly a combination of a petrol engine and an electric engine. 

When the petrol engine is used it generates electricity that is stored in separate high voltage batteries, separate from the conventional 12 Volt car battery that runs the petrol engine. Some Hybrid vehicles are self-charging and there are others that don’t self-charge but need to be plugged in to an electrical supply to re-charge the engine. 

Electric and hybrid cars are relatively new to the insurance market and there are a large variety of engine methods and types for them to consider. These are greener cars, manufacturing and Research and development does cost money and the Hybrid manufacturers need to recoup their costs over time.

Therefore, they are more expensive to buy but offer longer-term greener benefits.  It is yet to be seen how the repair and maintenance costs compare to conventional vehicle maintenance costs.

Monitoring the insurance costs.

Insurance companies in Spain will monitor these costs and over time, if they are more expensive to repair, particularly in serious accidents where damage is extensive, the premiums are likely to go up. With the increase in Hybrid sales, this information will be analysed and hopefully, with technology getting better and cheaper, will reduce insurance premiums. 

Technology in these modern Hybrid Vehicles has provided drivers with additional, functional safety features which should address more and more of the casual accidents that happen and provide a safer driving experience for us all. Energy efficiency, ecological and greener considerations make these vehicles seem the right thing to buy, other than the initial purchase costs.

Your insurance premium for a hybrid or electric cars in Spain might be a little bit more expensive but you will gain on being greener and helping the planet, less fuel costs, reduced pollution and noise, and it will make you feel that you are contributing to something on everyone’s mind. 

Road tax on Electric and Hybrid cars has been dramatically reduced to encourage people to buy them and to help with a reduction in carbon emissions.

Electric Vehicle Insurance in Spain.

Comparable with hybrid car insurance, insurance for electric cars in Spain is generally higher than petrol or diesel car insurance. This may be the case as hybrid and electric cars are newer and cost more in the first place. 

Running costs for Hybrid and Electric cars in Spain. 

Electric cars are also known as EV’s and are a serious consideration when buying a new car in the 21st Century. Many are completely exempt from car tax, no noise pollution, have a good extended range of 200 KLMS or more, easy to plug in just about anywhere and are about 75% cheaper to run. 

With average daily use being about 10 Kilometres and some charging stations offering super chargers that can fully recharge the car in less than 30 minutes, these Electric and hybrid vehicles are now a serious option for many. 

As the insurance market in Spain becomes more competitive for these cars as the number of vehicles increases, we are likely to see more competition amongst insurance companies in Spain. 

Other insurance premium factors.

It’s not always about the cost of insurance on the vehicle alone. Other factors such as your age and driving experience and history, no claims bonus and usage, where you live and obviously the cost of repairs to the type and cost of the vehicle you have bought. 

Other Benifits of Hybrids and electric cars.

Electric and Hybrid cars have a plethora of new technology in them that help prevent accidents, such as keeping you within the white lines whereby an alarm will sound if you wander too far left or right. 

Automatic breaking systems that have a shrill alarm if you approach a stationary vehicle in front of you, parking sensors and alarms, auto dipping headlights, airbags, collision bars and so much more. These hybrid and electric vehicles need specialist repairers and that tends to increase repair costs because of the extensive electrical and sensitive nature of electronics. 

Insurance discounts on electric vehicles. does offer discounts for new clients that contract car insurance from us and the insurance companies that we use often offer cash backs and other incentives to car insurance policyholders. 

One would think that with all this extra technology and assistance in hybrid and electric cars in Spain, to help avoid accidents, that there would be some evidence to suggest that they are less likely to be involved in an accident. This does not seem to be the case at the moment as the majority of vehicles on the Spanish roads are petrol and diesel vehicles.  

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