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Landlords and renters insurance in Spain


landlord insurance in spain and portugal


Renting out one of your most valuable assets in Spain, your property, can be a risky business. To protect your interests and any loss of income, it is imperative that you make sure that you are properly protected with a good Landlords insurance policy that is specific to what you want to do. can provide you with the knowledge you need and the right Landlord insurance policy in English, to protect your assets, your income and the possible loss of income and/or for many legal liabilities that may come with renting a property in Spain. Accidental and malicious damage, buildings, contents, liability and legal protectionf or you as the property owner, is a very important part of protecting your own property.  

Bear in mind that you may also be renting your property to a variety of unknown people, possibly through a rental agency or via the vast number of websites that are available. How trustworthy are they? It is highly unlikely that whatever rental Agency in Spain you decide to use, is going to have adequate Landlord insurance cover to protect your property or even offer you anything as protection. This is something that you, as the owner of the property, need to sort out.

Get expert advice!

Don’t leave it to chance, you will certainly regret it if you contract a Landlords insurance policy via the bank or your mortgage lender, as they are NOT specialists in this field. There are a plethora of different types of Landlord and letting insurances in the Spanish insurance marketplace that offer the very basic insurance cover for a low premium. These are likely to provide little or no cover in the event of a claim. 

With Spain being one of the main tourist attractions in Europe, it will come as no surprise that there are thousands of rental properties available. Long term and short term rentals in Spain are available for everything from Apartments to Villas, both private and for business. 

Rules and regulations now apply in Spain for private Landlords and individuals, that have in the past, rented out their own properties in Spain. Special permits, licences and a host of other paperwork is now required if you are planning to rent your property to anyone legally.

You do need to think about the right kind of rental insurance in Spain for your property and that will depend upon the type and location of the property you are offering for rent. Our Rental, letting and landlord insurance policies in Spain are tailored specifically to your needs so that you are not insuring for what you don’t need and you get the right cover. 

In 2019, rental charges have increased by as much as 50% in Urban areas, and with the increased use of online websites such as Airbnb, these rental increases, aimed at the tourist market, are having an adverse effect on the local market conditions.  New rules are being debated and stricter legislation is coming. 

Liability insurance, buildings insurance, contents insurance, loss of income, malicious damage insurance and accident and injury insuranceare some of the main issues you should be aware of.  

Some of the Insurance covers available in Spain to protect the Landlord can also depend upon whether the property is being rented for short or long term, lived in or shared by the owner, unoccupied for more than 30 days, has a swimming pool or tennis courts. You can see why it is necessary to contact someone who specialises in this field.

So call us, we are here to help you and you are not under any obligation to purchase from us and we will not pressurise you after any consultation. We are here to help you understand the ramifications and guide and advise you as to the most suitable landlord insurance in Spain for your property. 

Some of the insurance covers that are most appropriate for landlords:

1)  Landlord’s civil liability insurance.

2)  Buildings Insurance.

3)  Contents insurance.

4)  Malicious damage insurance.

5)  Loss of income insurance.

6)  Accident and Injury insurance.