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Insurance services for Expats in Torrevieja, Spain


Get Insurance in Torrevieja in English Alicante Spain


Insurance in Torrevieja and La Zenia on the Costa Blanca.

The Costa Blanca in Spain is a Spanish province on the East coast and has many Expatriate towns and villages where Expats, particulalrly from the UK, reside, including Torrivieja.  

Insurance in Torrevieja and La Zenia for Expats.

Many oif the Expats living in Torrevieja are English Speakers and therfore require policy documents in English where possible. Our insurance services include providing insurance documentation in English and where that is not possible, discussing the actual cover you are getting when you take out an insurance policy with us. 

Car insurance in Torrevieja and La Zenia in English.

Car insurance in Torrevieja is availalbe for English and Spanish registered vehicles. Some insurance companies in Spain have stopped offering Insurance for British registered cars, either as a precaution for the possibility of  Brexit, or simply that they have too many claims and complications with the repair of British Registered vehicle insurance underwriting. 

Funeral Plans in Torrevieja and La Zenia.

There are a variety of Expat Funeral Plans in English in Spain. Some of these are pre paid Funeral Plans and can be expensive. Local Funeral Plans for basic cremations can be a lot cheaper and don't need pre paying. There are alternatives, as some life insurance policies will pay out a lump sum on death which can be adequate enough to cover most funeral costs. 

Life Insurance in Torrevieja and La Zenia.

Life insurance gets more expensive in Spain the older you get. With fixed term plans the premiums that usually have  annual increases to cover inflation. Life insurance can also contribute towards inheritance tax, so contact us for advice on how to do this properly. 




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