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Insurance for Urbanisations and Community property holders in Spain in English.



                                            community insurance and urbanisation insurance in spain

Community Insurance in Spain.

When it comes to community Insurance in Spain this is a question that all residents of a community or urbanisation should be asking themselves. You should get in touch with your community President or administrators and ask them for a copy of the policy. If you live and contribute to the community charges they are legally obliged to give you a copy. Most are available in English and Spanish. It is vital that you read the terms and conditions of the policy. If in doubt, send us a copy and we will let you know what you are and are NOT covered for. This service is completely free of charge and will help you understand your policy. 

Existing Spanish community insurance policies rarely meet the needs of Expat's living in these communities as they try to keep the premiums low by cutting the cover and keeping within the minimum levels of community insurance cover to protect themselves against any prosecution. Many of these policies have been in force for years and are rarely reviewed or updated as that is likely to create an increase in the premium. 

At we are happy to review and advise anyone on the best type of cover and value for money available, they need not be expensive, we just want to make sure you are covered.

This is about you living within a community for which you pay or contribute monetarily towards the upkeep, usually with an annual subscription. Having the right insurance cover or seeking additional independent insurance to protect your own property and assets is essential in Spain. Don´t make the assumption that the community administrators or President has protected you properly. Always check!

insuring your community in spain community insurance for urbanisations in spain have extensive knowledge and a strong background in Spanish Community Insurance which provides us with the extensive knowledge of community property insurance in Spain. Our specialist property and community insurance personnel will advise you on the best policies suited to your urbanisation or community property in Spain. This can often include the contents of your individual properties. we can also advise the local Presidents or administrators of your urbanisation and community on collective insurance to save all members of the community time and money

Advantages of community insurance In Spain. 

Cover the risks that jeopardise the habitability and comfort for which all communities must provide to their owners and families. Flexibility to adapt to each community´s needs. Possibility of insuring community furniture.

Plus all these benefits

Legal protection/claims for damages.
The option to lower the premium with excess.
Automatic adjustment of insured sums and premiums.
Coverage of the proportional amount of property co-owned with another community.

Basic Community insurance Cover

Material damages to the community building and furniture.
Fire, smoke, impacts, explosion and lightning.
Acts of vandalism.
Electrical damages.
Risks due to natural disasters.
Spillage from automatic fire extinguisher installations.
Damage to underground pipes.
Theft, robbery and damages.
Aesthetical restoration of building and contents.
Costs related to material damages.
Demolition and debris clear up costs.
Fire fighting costs.
Mud cleaning costs.
File restoration.
Community assistance.
24 hours for claims.

Optional Community Insurance Cover:

The product offers competitive benefits in all aspects, in terms of the scope of cover and of application and competitive rates.
Broken windows.
Non-payment of community quotas.
Water damage.
Civil liability and bail.
Civil Liability of the governing board.
Machinery Damage.
Individual accidents.
Employee Dishonesty.
Legal Protection/Claims for damages. provides a variety of insurance services to the community and we are here to provide all the assistance we can to help you ensure you are properly protected. Please get in touch with us if you have ANY issues that you would like information on or just want to discuss and check your own policies. We can arrange personal visits to your urbanisation or community to assess the Insurance needs and provide you with insurance cover that protects you. 


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