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cheap Insurance quotes In Valencia for Expats




Insurance-Agents-in-Valencia-for-Epats-in-English WHERE IS VALENCIA?

Valencia is situated on the East coast of Spain in the region called the Costa Blanca. There are a large number of tied insurance agencies in the Valencian region as it is the fourth largest region in Spain with nearly 5 million inhabitants and the 3rd largest City in Spain. The Valencian region is made up of three provinces, Castellon in the north, Valencia in the middle and Alicante in the south. 

Valencia is most famous for its Paella, which originated here. On the banks of a small lake on the south side of Valencia lies a small village where Paella was invented and you can arrange boat trips to the village and spend th day learning how to make proper Valencian Paella the Valencian way.

English Insurance in Valencia provide some of the best insurance products in Spain to the Expat community. With most policies available in English it will come as no surprise that we are one of the leading Insurance Agents in Spain. Some of the insurances we can provide are: - 

Car Insurance in Valencia, Spain. 

Car insurance is one of the most competetive industries in Spain and prices are cut to the bone to secure business. However, we have noticed that some insurance agants are now cutting the cover to actually get the price lower. This is all very good if you want the legal minimum and can't afford much, but it may cost you so much more if you are not protectaed properly.

Read the documents - at least check what you are being covered for. That extra 10 Euros you saved may mean that your passengers aare no longer covered for any medical or liability cover in an accident. This could mean that you have to pay any legal bills if your passengers are injured and these biills can run into the 100's of thousands of Euros. 

Private and rented property insurance in Valencia, the Costa Blanca region. 

House and Holiday Home insurance, whether that be a privately owned property or a property that you have purchased to rent out for income. Our Landlords or Renters insurance include, as standard, all the basic cover, with a 24 hour, 365 day emergency call out service, even if you are not there. 

British registered car and commercial vehicle insurance in Valencia.

British registered vehicles, including motorcycles and scooters, classic and vintage cars, 4x4's and quads, can be insured in Spain. The insurance will give you an annual green card and emergecy breakdown recovery insurance throughout Europe. This enables you to insure your vehicle all year round and use it anywhere in europe including the United Kingdom.

Private Health Insurance Valencia.

Private Health insurance companies operate by providing you with an annual policy, which can be paid in two or four instalments to make payment easier. Tokens or plastic cards are used to register your appointments at a doctors surgery of your choice. Private Health Insurance is now also needed to obtain Spanish residencia permits, and reduced cover and premium Health insurance have specific policies to accomodate this need for Expats that are not working or entitled to use the Spanish National Health System.

Life insurance or Mortgage protection Insurance, Valencia, Costa Blanca.

When moving to another country to live, it is always best to have a full financial checkup. Life insurance is often a good way to provide for your family after, or in the event of your death. Life insurance for mortgage protection can be on a reducing scale, so as oyur mortgage goes down, your life insurance returns increase. 

Pet Insurance in Valencia and the Costa Blanca. 

Our Pet Insurance offers fixed premiums for life, any breed or age covered, use of any vet of your choice, dangerous and older dogs can join without any penalties on premium, easy payment terms monthly or annual, and European cover available, Medication included. Fast, efficient claims service. Policies in English.

Business and Commercial insurance Valencia, Costa Blanca.

Expats have businesses in the Costa Blanca and all forms of commercial insurance are available to protect their assets, loss of earnings with personal and public liability insurances. Buildings and contents, fire, theft, flooding and employee liability. Events insurance for indoor and outdoor events for business and personal use. 

Boat and Marine insurance, Valencia, Costa Blanca.

The Costa Blanca is cetainly a coastal region and the most popular pastime is probably flaoting about on the sea in anything from a rubber dighy to a mega yacht. We insure all types of marine craft, regardless of registration, size or use. Commercial and private marine and boat insurance can also include the use for a variety of watersports, scuba diving, towing rubber rings or renting out boats and Jet Skis. 

Pet Insurance in Valencia.

Pet insurance in Valencia and Spain was first introduced by a company called Protectapet, the European Pet Healthcare Management Organisation in 1999. Their Pet Plans are exceptional and we highly recommend their products as the leading pet insurance provider to Expats in Spain. They provide the type of cover that other insurers are unwilling to cover.

There is a full, no quibble money back guarantee, they cover any pet of any age and don't charge you extra for older pets joining later in life. The pet plan premiums are fixed for life, regardless of the number of claims made and they have the highest claims pay-out level in Spain. You can use any vet of your choice, and they also cover Dangerous dogs. They also provide an extra option to insure your pet in Europe if you are travelling with your pet.

Very easy payment terms are available, with Visa, Paypal or by Direct Debit monthly and you can see all the details of their pet insurance policies and buy Pet Insurance online.


We do provide a very large and broad selection of insurance products for expats in Spain in English and we are more than happy to discuss all your insurance requirements in confidence. We will not hassle you to get you to sign up or buy anything from us, as our only aim is to provide you with the right products to protect you and your assetts. Talk to us, our advise is completely free and we are here to help. 




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