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Beach, dune, golf and VW buggy insurance in Spain

Dune, VW, Beach, Golf and any other type of buggy insurance in Spain.

If this is your first contact for any form of Dune, VW, Beach or Golf Buggy insurance in Spain, congratulations, you have come to the right place. can get you covered at an affordable price. Dune, VW, Golf and Beach buggy insurance is not something that many insurance agents can source or provide in this niche market, and we have gone out of our way to provide insurance cover in Spain for all kinds of buggies.

Quad Insurance in Spain.

You will find all you need to know about Quad insurance in Spain  

Insuring English registered buggies and Quads. 

Yes, we can also insure British registered quads and buggies for use in Spain and you may be pleasantly surprised to find out that the premiums can often be cheaper than the UK and includes FREE breakdown recovery and legal assistance anywhere in Spain AND Europe!!

Free Breakdown Recovery and legal assistance insurance included.

As a matter of law, it is prohibited under all conditions, unless there is a medical emergency or there is a risk of danger to life, to tow any vehicle in Spain without using an authorised towing service. These towing services are provided as part of all car, vehicle and most other kinds of policies as built into the premium because it is a legal requirement to provide this kind of cover, even when third party liability is provided. You cannot buy any vehicle insurance in Spain without it. 

There is an exception - certain agents and companies in Spain that provide English insurance to English drivers in Spain, from UK based companies, usually quote vehicles without the breakdown recovery service included and can often apply this to UK registered Vehicles. Only when you decide to go ahead, do they then inform you that you need to pay ( anything up to 100 plus Euros ) for the compulsory breakdown recovery insurance. It's a bit of a bust when you search the marketplace to find they are the cheapest for insurance but they don't include the breakdown part. They have to issue the breakdown insurance as a separate insurance policy from a Spanish Insurer as the taxes are applied in Spain and must be paid in Spain. 

If you want the right insurance for the right job at the right price - call us. We do get it right!

Links to Adventure Centres in Spain.

(These have now been removed - see why!) conducted a small survey and asked quad adventure centres to provide copies of their insurance cover so that we could check that you- the renter of the quads, would be adequately covered. See our blog post HERE.  Amazingly, only one was willing to provide sight of their policy without any issues. Read the blog to see how we were fobbed of with loads of excuses.!!  So we have decided that we do not want to provide links to Adventure Sports here any more unless they can prove they have adequate cover to protect their users.