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The best gadget insurance in Spain.


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Gadget insurance is an insurance that will cover your new gadgets ( Gadgets up to 2 years old can purchase this insurance and the policy can continue for a maximum of 5 years from new as long as the policy is renewed each year)  such as smart phones, laptops and tablets against accidental damages such as spillages, damages caused by other means such as dropping your phone and cracking the screen and , liquid damage from spillages, if you just happen to spill or knock your cup of coffee over and it gets into your laptop, and some breakdowns including hard drives and system operations. 

We provide insurance solutions for retailers, insurance brokers, telephone operators and many other outlets that may need, or who's customers may need, cover for gadgets such as Smart phones, laptops and tablets. 

These gadget insurance policies cover damage that may occur as a result of " routine use of the electronic device provided they are due to a sudden, accidental and unpredictable cause".  All policies will carry an initial excess of between 75€ and 100€.


If you have had a phone stolen, lost one or are prone to dropping and breaking screens, have kids that use your laptops or tablets, then yes, a must for most families. When you consider the costs of some of these gadgets today and how many we actually have within a family and at home, it soon mounts up. Accidental damage can occur quite easily, as most of these electronic devices are fragile and replacement screens for one of the latest I phones can be over 350€ to replace, it has to be worth it. 

If you are only concerned about your electronic device breaking down, then consider using the manufacturer warranty or paying for an extension to that warranty. 

Electronic gadgets can not  be covered by your home insurance, and accidental damage is normally restricted to accidental damage within the home unless you have an all-risk policy that covers things like Jewelery outside the home or whilst you are on holiday.

Our gadget insurance will cover you anywhere in the world and guarantees genuine parts used for any repairs. 

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The Basic Gadget insurance.

The basic gadget insurance coverage is for most of the above, Accidental damage, Screen damage, liquid damage and breakdown. 

The Plus cover Gadget insurance.

With plus cover gadget insurance you can get additional cover to the basic policy and protect your gadgets from theft in the event that you are the victim of a robbery, cover abroad if you take your gadget abroad, on holiday or business and in the event of coverage for your phone, cover for fraudulent use of calls made on or from your phone. 

Gadget insurance quote.

Get the best gadget insurance quotes from us. Simply click on the get a quote button on the image above, or on the get a quote buttons at the top and bottom of this page. If you need more information please request a call back. 


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