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Static caravan and mobile home insurance in Spain.


INSURANCE IN SPAIN FOR YOUR STATIC CARAVANS WHEREVER YOU ARE static caravans and mobile home insurance in spain and europe

Residential & Static Caravan Insurance in Spain.

Static caravan insurance, residential caravan insurance and static home insurance are all basically the same thing. These cover such things as the Static caravan or home that might be permanently sited on a campsite in Spain.

On many campsites in Spain, you may find that the owner of the campsite has insurance to cover any third party liability on that site, and rarely  offer or provide insurance for your mobile home or static caravan.

Mobile homes and fixed or static caravan sites may have perimeter walls and fences and some form of security. Some have cameras and provide 24-hour security on the site, particularly during the summer months when they get very busy.

If you have a permanent residential caravan in Spain or static home, it is always best to select an insurance policy that is going to provide for total loss, fire and theft, and awnings cover if you have one. Although Spain is well known for it’s temperate climate, we do often get severe weather, storms and lightening which can damage the exterior of your home and awnings can be damaged in high winds.

Static Caravan and Mobile home contents insurance cover.

Static caravans and Mobile Homes on Spanish campsites and designated areas are often left empty for many months of the year and are often just used as holiday homes or to rent out during the summer months to gain additional income. Making sure you have the right cover, and in the event of renting the static caravan, third party liability insurance in Spain, is essential. are happy to provide you with a no obligation quote and discuss your needs. 

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