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Car Hire Insurance & Car Rental insurance in Spain.





CAR HIRE RENTAL insurance in Spain and Europe.

When travelling to another country we always look for the best way to get around. In Spain the best way to travel is by car. There are a large number of car hire companies operating from most of the major airports in Spain.

CDW or Collision Damage Waiver insurance for Car hire in Spain. 

Hiring a car in Spain usually means that you end up paying more than you thought, or that there is a something in the small print that is going to bite you if you don’t read it all. 

Collision Damage Waiver Insurance.

Most car hire companies do offer Collision Damage Waiver insurance which means you can reduce the amount you pay as the first excess on any claim. This is usually very expensive with car hire companies and you can save as much as 60% on your premiums, use it for any car hire company, and reduce the amount they hold on your credit card. 

With you can avoid the risk of having to pay a huge car hire excess bill, and the costly insurance premiums offered by the car hire companies in Spain or anywhere worldwide. 

Single trip or annual Collision Damage Waiver Worldwide.

You can use this insurance against any car rental or car hire you take out worldwide.  And if you are between the ages of 21 and 75 years old, you can purchase it for a single trip or have an annual policy. You can hire as many and any type of car you wish on your trips and know that any Excess charges, in the event of damage or an accident, will be covered. 

Collision Damage Waiver Insurance Benefits.

  • Avoid huge car hire Excess charges

  • Save on buying from  instead of a car hire company

  • Key Cover - if you’re locked out or lose keys

  • Mis-Fuelling cover – if you use wrong type of fuel

  • Curtailment cover – if your trips cancelled or cut short

  • Tow charge cover – after an accident or breakdown

  • Drop Off Charges – if you are hospitalised and can’t return your car

  • Even Road Rage & Car-jacking Cover

Wrong Fuel Type Insurance for Car Hire.

This policy will also cover you against a host of other things. Putting the wrong fuel into the car is common, particularly in non-English speaking countries as the fuel labelling can often be confusing. 

The most common complaint is the amount of money they hold on your credit card as a deposit, in the event of the car being stolen, not returned or being involved in an accident, or for minor dents and scratches. 

Bear in mind, that you will be charged for any accidental damage to the hire car whether or not it was your fault.

The FIRST EXCESS Charges on rental cars in Spain.

A big complaint amongst car hire companies in Spain is that they charge huge sums of money, or deduct it from your credit card, for repairing minor scratches that would cost a few pounds to repair back in the United Kingdom. 

In many instances, these repairs are not actually repaired, but indicated on the next Car hire rental customers inspection sheet. It is considered that small scratches and dents need not be repaired unless they are very unsightly. By charging the client for the potential repair, they make more money, as the damage will not be repaired until such time as there are too many scratches or scrapes on that particular car, and repairing several damages together, they save money, if they bother to repair them at all. 

FUEL charges for rental cars in Spain. 

The second biggest complaint is Car Hire fuel charges. Empty out to full when you return the hire car and you are obliged to visit the nearest garage to the airport and provide the receipt. They have got wise to those that fill it up 50 Klms away and then drive to the Airport. The Fuel gauge shows full, but you got away with a few litres. 

They have got wise to this now. The changes mean that most car hire or rental car companies in Spain will now offer you full to empty. That means that whatever you leave in the fuel tank, unless you are prepared to drive it on reserve and get to the car hire returns location, will no longer count. They will be charging you for a full tank of fuel, regardless. On a small basic car, they will charge for the fuel and someone to go and fill it up. Our recent checks with one of the car hire companies showed that the cost of refuelling the smallest and cheapest car in the fleet, was €113. This was indicated on the car hire form and had to be signed as acceptable before the car is released to you. 

RENT A CAR Stickers in Spain. 

We have all seen these big stickers on the back of rental cars in Spain, advertising the company that has rented the car to you. Remove the Car Hire stickers before you leave the Airport. They are usually a simple peel off and you can keep them in the glove box and reapply them when you return the hire car. 

This is a problem in Spain. These advertising stickers mark you out as a tourist or temporary visitor to Spain and thieves have been known to follow these vehicles from the airport to see where you are staying. Your car will also stick out as a rental car. This makes it easy for thieves to recognise tourists and take advantage of you. 

You may already have heard of hire cars, driven by tourists, being pulled over and stopped, only to be robbed, sometimes with violence. Tourists often get into holiday mode when they are in the sun, enjoying the culinary delights of Spain, often leaving valuable items visible to thieves inside the car. Windows can be broken, and you will you lose your belongings and will be charged heavily by the car hire company to repair and replace the window. 

Spain, Car Rental insurance legal requirements.

Unlimited Third-Party liability insurance is legally required on ALL rental vehicles in Spain and this should already be included in the rental price quotation from the car hire rental company. Third party liability insurance protects you, the driver, from any liability caused by damage to property, death or injury to any third party. Car Hire rental companies in Spain should also cover as standard, fire insurance so that, if your car should catch fire, you are covered. 

Contact us for a Collision Damage Waiver insurance Quote. 

If you hire cars regularly then it is advisable to use A Collision Damage Waiver insurance as it will save you a lot of money if you are involved in an accident whether your fault or not. Even if an accident is not your fault, you are likely to be charged for the damages to your vehicle until such time as the claim is settled and the third party insurance has paid out on the claim and accepted liability for the accident. This can take a few months in Spain. 

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