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Commercial & private drone and Radio controlled model insurance in Spain.



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Private Drone & radio controlled aircraft insurance in Spain

Drone insurance in Spain is now available for Private Drones or radio controlled aircraft/models & hobbyist users! 

You will be pleased to note that we have sourced liability Insurance in Spain for radio controlled model usage as well as Drones for third party liability insurance in Spain for using Drones privately and as a hobbyist. However, like all these things, there is a downside - it's not cheap, but at least you can get covered. Premiums start from about 200 € and the drone or models have to be under 20 Kg. and not used commercially.

So you can't go doing aerial photography for Estate Agents and charge them a fee. This policy will not cover for any commercial enterprise.  As an example, cover for 300,000€ liability and a first excess of 150€ the premium will be 200€ per year. Thats about the cheapeast available. Cover for 1,000,000€ liability is also available for private Drones and Models and will increase the premium to about 325€ a year. 

Insurance in Spain for Drones and Radio controlled models over 20 Kg. 

We can also offer liability insurance for radio controlled models over 25 Kg, so give us a call if you want a quote as a lot will depend on size, weight, area, usage etc.etc. Example. Having a 200€ compulsory excess, the premium is around 357€ a year.

Commercial Drone insurance in Spain.

Drone insurance in Spain is available for commercial drone operations. However, this insurance is dependent upon the drone operator being fully licenced by the relevant Spanish Authority. This, by all intents and purposes is not something easy to obtain. From research we have found information that this is a 3 day examination that includes practical, theory and a medical examination, all in Spanish. There was hope that transferring a British drone (UAV - an unmanned aerial vehicle) license would be possible. It appears that this is not the case. You will need to take the practical, theory and medical exams that are pertinent to the country of residence. So if you have the commercial drone operators licence, we can provide insurance for you. 

Popularity of Drones in Spain. 

As you can imagine, with hobbyist drones flooding the marketplace and the ease with which they are to fly and buy, they have become very popular, very quickly. As with all hobbies that become popular very quickly, the legislation governing these drones has a hard time keeping up. Some countries have established clear Drone flying rules, for both commercial drones and hobbyists. Other countries have not treated drones as a priority and in some cases have banned them altogether.

This cannot continue as new drones start to bring benefits to a variety of users. farming and agriculture, deliveries, access in difficult areas, fire fighting and many more areas are utilising drones to help them in their particular fields. 

Pre 2014.

Pre 2014 was the best time to own a drone in Spain. The Spanish Government were not really aware that the Drone experience had exploded into a huge hobby. Flying drones along beautiful beaches capturing fabulous shots of scenery and wildlife was virtually uninterrupted. It all changed in 2015. 

Fines for flying Drones in Spain over restricted areas.

These fines can reach up to €400,000!  The Spanish authorities considers the flying of drones to be dangerous and could endanger the country, or put the country at risk from terrorists or other types of people that intend to deliberately endanger the lives of the public. Military forces are constantly watching the skies for unmanned aircraft such as drones and if you were to accidently or intentionally enter forbidden airspace, you could quite easily trigger a red alert protocol and cause thousands of people to be mobilised if they considered your drone a threat to Spanish National security. 

In this day and age we can all understand the concern. Don´t be fooled into thinking this is just some government department issuing a possible fine. Millions of Euro in fines have already been collected from drone users flying over government buildings, sports stadiums, motorways and the like. 

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Using Drone videos in Spain.

Be very aware that government bodies are not stupid. If you secretly take video of an area with a drone and post it online on YouTube or vimeo and monetise your video, they will find you and fine you. It may take a while and you may have posted it in all innocence, but be warned - it is illegal unless you have the full flying licence and proper commercial permits.

Our advice on using Drones in Spain.

It`s going to be a bit of a no-brainer really. Don´t fly without a licence. You can now get insurance from us for hobby drones and models and if you did injure someone or cause a serious accident or power outage, you will get reported and are likely to get fined. The insurance cover is for third party liability cover from 300,000 up to 1,000,000€ worth of cover. You have to be over 18 years of age to fly one anyway, so don't let the kids operate one in any areas that are populated or where you might have aggrieved neighbours that may report you.

There are some smaller lightweight drones that you could operate within your garden or house that can be just as much fun. As technology evolves we would envisage that the laws will become stricter, licences will be harder to get or exchange and only legal operators will be using drones. 

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