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Insure all your Public and Private parties and events in Spain.





We all know that planning an event, whether it be a children’s party, a wedding, or a big dog show or charity event, it can be very stressful. You can ease the stress by having a Special events liability insurance.

What is Event Insurance in Spain.

The idea of Event insurance in Spain is to ensure that whatever event you are proposing, such as a wedding, charity or any public event, you are insured against anything happening to a member of the public whilst they are at your event. 

This is a Special event public liability insurance to provide a very broad protection in which the event holder or organiser can use this insurance policy to defend themselves against any lawsuits brought against them for damages for bodily injury or for property damage. 

Special Event Cancellation Insurance in Spain.

If, due to circumstances beyond your control, you have found it necessary to abandon or cancel an event, event cancellation Insurance in Spain can be used to recover your event related expenses and loss of revenue. 

What sort of events can be covered with this insurance?

Most events in Spain can be covered by Insurance.  Events where there is likely to be members of the public attending, like dog shows, charity events, Christmas and seasonal markets and stalls, one off events, or regular shows and fetes and fairs. Children’s private parties, where they might use bouncy castles and a variety of rides, where there is always the possibility of accident or injury, can be covered with events insurance in Spain. 

Cheaper Events insurance Quotes in Spain.

Be careful, there is a lot of confusing and conflicting information on event insurance in Spain and what is and what isn’t insured. Your Event insurance policy is likely to be in Spanish and unless you can read and understand the language, we advise checking your policy wording carefully.

It is important to make sure you are coved for any eventuality when it comes to any form of Public Liability, and at we will give you an event insurance quote based on what you need to cover. They are not expensive but can save you a lot of stress and worry. The right event insurance will offer you value for money. 

Individual policies can be issued as some of these can be speciality events that may involve animals, such as dogs, that can be dangerous. Some sports events carry a much higher risk of bodily injury, and some public events can cost a lot of money and time to organise.


Events insurance is designed to protect you in the event of the unexpected happening.

The benefits of event insurance: -

Injury and illness cover.

Adverse weather conditions for indoor and outdoor events.



Loss of earnings.




One off event insurance.

Multiple events insurance.

Annual event insurance.

Public Liability insurance for events in Spain.

Public liability insurance in Spain can also cover you: -

If a member of the public is injured at an event you have organised.

Death as a result of your business.

Property is damaged or destroyed.

Legal and defence expenses.


The best way of making sure you have the right insurance to cover the entire event, regardless of what the event is, or where it is being held, is to contact one of our specialised Event insurance organisers for a free personal quotation, without obligation.

Thank you for your interest in our Events insurance. 

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