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Golf and golfing equipment Insurance in Spain for Expats



                              golf insurance in spain for clubs and buggies hole-in-one cover golfing

An essential part of playing golf in Spain. believe that golfing and golf insurance is an essential part of playing golf. We all know how easy it is to hit a wayward ball, have our golf clubs and equipment stolen and how expensive it all is to replace. In Spain we can provide you with cover that will give you piece of mind so that you can concentrate on your game…..

Advantages of golf insurance

            Breakage and or damage to equipment during the course of play.
            "Hole in one" extra costs.
            Personal Accidents.
            Third Party Liability up to 100,000€

Plus all these benefits

Spain is a fantastic holiday location where you can find all kinds of places to relax and unwind. This gets even better when you are visiting Spain’s fabulous golf courses. When you are on the course you need to focus on the game. can offer you the maximum coverage in Golf insurance, so when you only need to worry about playing and winning.

Basic cover for Spanish golf insurance.

There are a lot of golf clubs in Spain. This situation creates the right atmosphere that makes it the ideal place for practicing this sport. So if you are an expatriate living in Spain and you like golfing you really do need to be covered against any unforeseen circumstances that may occur from playing or trying to play the game.

At we offer a special product for you. Our golf insurances for expatriates will make you feel safe at all times, and even more so if you are on holiday and looking forward to relaxing and unwinding from your day to day life. Golf is a sport that requires concentration and precision. Therefore you need all your senses during the course of the game. Our insurance for golfers ensures that your concern is the game, nothing else.

            Covers death, permanent disability and medical expenses resulting from accidental injury occurring in the Golf Club.
            Death 15,000€.

            Permanent Disability 15,000€.

            Medical/Pharmaceutical Cover 3,000€.

            Medical/Pharmaceutical/Hospital Cover for the caddy 3,000€.

Basic coverage of the golf insurance in Spain for expatriates by Liberty Seguros ranks from coverage for death or permanent disability to medical costs resulting from any type of injury or accident at the golf club or on any golf courses in Spain.

We believe that our Golf Insurance for expatriates covers all the needs of anyone who loves this sport, whether professional or amateur, so that playing golf becomes completely safe against any unexpected event.

Get a quote now from by calling 0034 965 27 57 27. Ask for a call back or chat to us online. are at your service if you just wish to ask some questions regarding the Golf Insurance Cover in Spain with no obligation to purchase. 

Just give us a call on 965275727 or click on the picture below to get an online quote for Golf insurance. 

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