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Alien Abduction Insurance


Alien Abduction Insurance

Alien Abduction Insurance - Worldwide



Many people believe that they have been abducted by Aliens, yet none have been able to provide substantial proof that the event actually took place.

Without any evidence to prove alien abductions even exist, why would you want an insurance policy that covers you in the event of just that, an alien abduction?

What is Alien Abduction?

Alien abduction is the personally held belief in which the abductee believes they were abducted by Aliens or non-human entities and subjected to a series of experiments and psychological trauma, possible abuse and then returned to Earth. These kidnappings by abduction phenomenon seem real to the abductee and some can describe the kidnapping in some detail. It is also known as UFO abduction and alien abduction syndrome.

Alien Abduction Insurance Worldwide

Would you report an Alien abduction?

As a normal human being,  we might now feel a little reluctant to let people know that we were abducted by aliens, so as not to be ridiculed, for fear of social rejection, which can be more traumatic to the abductee than the event itself.

With the ever-increasing number of UFO and unexplained sightings of space craft being reported by many people in senior positions in the military and kept quiet for decades, it is now in the forefront of the question – are there aliens out there?

Are there Aliens out there?

Many of us may think so. More and more countries are opening up their sealed UFO files as they are declassified, giving us more information than ever before. Are they going to confirm that UFO’s exist?  Time will tell. The American government is planning to release thousands of files on UFO sightings in March 2021, causing a lot of excitement amongst UFO believers.

Alien abductees and trauma.

Giving credence to abduction claims has resulted in professionals, doctors and psychiatrists wanting to learn more about the abductees and their experiences. This has given rise to a new generation of investigators, looking at all aspects of UFO’s and abductions.

Reported alien abductions by military personnel, political and media personalities and the media hype around sightings and abductions, has created this urge to validate the findings and reports. Just because someone is experiencing some other form of intelligence does not mean it is not there.  Many abductees appear to suffer from long term trauma, psychological and physical stress, emotional scaring and then being labelled as crazy.

The ‘crazy’ attitude towards these abductees is losing traction as so many reports are being filed. Can they all be wrong? Pilots wouldn’t mention things they saw for fear of ridicule and with better camera and sensing equipment and technology, more are coming forward after they have retired to provide evidence of the events that took place.

Alien impregnations.... Male and Female.

Abductees will often site impregnations that create hybrids of the aliens and humans. Where, when and for how long these abductions take place remains a mystery as no credible evidence exists. The alien humanoid hybrids have not come forward yet, perhaps just hiding in plane sight amongst us.

Cashing in on alien abductions.

Celebrities and media personalities my benefit from creating or believing that they have been abducted by aliens as it gives them a step into the limelight, providing them with exposure to the public and perhaps some ridicule. To them any advertising is good advertising and helps to promote their characters or careers.

However, military personnel may not be so eager to offer any insight in to alien abductions as their careers may be at risk. Whilst serving their country, pressure to be credible is sacrosanct to the military and as has been the case in recent years, when they now come forward to explain their reluctance at the time, reliving their experiences and will now swear blind that they saw what they saw, as once retired, their careers are not at risk.

Politicians are less forthcoming as they stand a good chance of being ridiculed and receiving harsh criticism from political opponents and friends alike. This sort of alienation can ruin their careers, even if the encounters were as warnings to the human race about climate change and how to improve our technologies.

Alien abduction insurance from aliens in a forest that have landed on earth

Alien and UFO technology.

Having advanced alien technology would be a big score for the military. If they have any form of Alien evidence, whether it be space crafts, debris, alien bodies or remains, it will give them a significant technological edge over other countries. Perhaps this is why people are so convinced that Area 51, an area believed to be the site of a crashed UFO, was and is so secret today.

New technically advanced aircraft have been developed with almost science fictional devices that many cannot believe they were developed by humans. This technology is so advanced that many accept that alien technology fell into the hands of the developers, and held behind vaulted, locked doors.

Alien Messages and warnings.

Abductees, approximately 4 million of them in the USA, state that they receive messages that aliens want to help Earthlings save the planet before it is too late. If that were the case why do they not make themselves publicly known? Is it because they fear that they would be tortured, shot or killed in the belief that the aliens were here to take over the world? 

Alien exposure to humans could create a panic. With the advent of social media and extensive news reporting, one sighting could be distributed around the world in seconds, creating a ripple effect of suicides and trauma that could cause chaos.

Do aliens exist?

Why are we being reluctant to believe and accept that aliens exist?. Strange how billionaires in this world are all turning to a passion of space exploration and building rockets to search the skies.

Our ancient ancestors have inscriptions in stone, cave paintings and carvings depicting ancient aliens, in caves and locations that are so far apart from each other, yet depicting the same theme. More and more artifacts are being identified as of unknown origins, that aliens seem to be the only answer to some of these questions.

Technologies in ancient times, such as the magnificent structures that were built thousands of years before the invention of modern tools and calculators, cannot be explained. It is thought that the technologies of those times could not have been carried out without some serious help that could only have come from a more knowledgeable and superior race.

Alien aggression.

Movies like the war of the worlds treated the threat of aliens as just that, a threat. Aliens were bad and they were coming for you with advanced technology that our armies couldn’t fight.

If aliens were to approach earth and make threats, it is likely that their technology would be far more advanced than ours and that alien technology would be able to control the world quite easily. So why haven’t they shown themselves yet?

Is there another purpose? Are we humans such a self-destructing race that we have been cultivated on a planet far from Alien homes to see what we are capable of doing? Are we a source of food for future alien races that may exist? Are these visits by Aliens a routine system to check on our progress? What will become of us?

Until we can validate the fact that UFO’s and extra-terrestrial life does exist, either in human form or in some microbiological format, we will always wonder what is out there. That is human nature and exploration will eventually give us the answers we need, whether we like it or not.

It is perfectly feasible for aliens to exist in one form or another, as we explore the galaxies far, far away, we will find others forms of life. If one were to consider the earth as a single grain of sand on a beach, it might put the universe in some kind of perspective.

Aliens are coming - when will they be here

To be continued……..